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Check-in / check-out / payment

Check in time at Kukuruza Hostel Boutique 14:00; check – out time- 12:00. Possible early check-in from 12:00 upon availability. Early check in and late check-out surcharge (check-in from 6:00 to 12:00; check-out until 18:00) 50% of the cost of the day. Check-in before 6:00 am, check-out after 18:00, 100% of the cost of the day. After leaving the hostel, You have the right to leave your things at the reception, but not more than until the morning of the next day since the eviction. All subsequent days will be charged for. In case if You forget some thing, the maximum storage will not exceed 30 days.

Payment for the entire stay at the hostel is made at the time of arrival.

When you check in at the hostel you must have a passport or an identification document (passport, military ID or passport of the seaman, the birth certificate for guests under 14 years). Guests of the hotel with the passport, but under 18 years of age must have a notarized power of attorney from a parent authorizing them to stay alone at the hotel. For foreign citizens the foreign citizen's passport or other identity document, migration card filled at the entrance to the Russian Federation.

Children under the age of 5 years on parents bed for free.

Storage of Luggage and valuables

The hotel strongly recommends that to Deposit valuables. To do this we have provided special rooms for storage and a safe Deposit box at the reception Desk. The hostel administration is not responsible for the safety of money and valuables left unattended on site or in your room.

General rules

The leaders accompanying travel, school or other groups, are fully responsible for the behavior of their wards in the hostel. Observe cleanliness and order in your room.

The hostel administration reserves the right to refuse accommodation without explanation.

Bed linen and towels are included in the price. Sheets are changed on the fifth day of stay, or earlier for an additional fee upon request. We clean the rooms and empty the garbage bins every second day.

The Hostel Corn Boutique is PROHIBITED:

Damage any property.
To break the silence between 23:00 and before 9:00 am.
To bring guests without notice to the hostel. Maximum stay 1 hour.
To drink spirits, to smoke in the hostel.
To be in a state of strong alcohol and/or drugs.
Transfer to third parties the keys.
Store flammable materials, weapons.
Rearrange the furniture in the room.
Violate any Laws, civil and criminal codes of the Russian Federation.
For violation of the rules on any of the items 1 to 9, may be followed by a penalty set by the hostel administration, including eviction, without refund.

Hostel "Corn Store" is not responsible for the operation of urban communications (tripping the light, water, heat, etc).

Have a good rest in the hostel "Corn Store"!!

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